Inside CES – Part 4: Tips and Tricks

Inside CES – Part 4: Tips and Tricks

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This post is the fourth in a series of four, returning to the Caveasy CES adventure. Find here the first episode, CES – To go or not to go that is the question, the second CES – Business Impact? and the third, CES – Caveasy in America

After questions about whether to go to CES and what we could find there, let us share here some practical tips from our participation in CES.

CES – Tips and Tricks

The pre and post salon articles on « Who has its place or not at the CES » were numerous enough that we do not put 25c in the machine.
For our part, we think that only the startups and the show organizer (CTA) can really know and decide if it is appropriate to participate or not.

For CTA’s participation criteria, we refer you to the rules and conditions of registration.

For startups, considering the investment that this represents, the only thing important and to define why we go there. The participation in the show can make it possible to check all the boxes: visibility, notoriety, customer tests, contacts for manufacturing or distribution, investment …

The chances of achieving these goals are greater if your offer matches the expectations of visitors. These, whatever their nature, come to see (have something to show) and discover (have something new) innovations (have a techno dimension) for consumer (have a dimension B2C).

If your product matches with these criteria, do not hesitate, go to CES! You may not come back with all the solutions but richer with a unique experience.

If you can, join CES Unveiled (Paris and Vegas). It pays, the one in Vegas is held 2 days before the start of the show, so it extends the stay, but this kind of Speed ​​Dating with the press from around the world can give quite unexpected results.

Obtaining an appointment or an « Innovation Award » will make you stand out and attract the press. Registration is also paid. To measure the chances of being selected, consult the Awards distributed in previous years, the jury changes each year but the award criteria seem to remain the same.

There are several paths to the CES. You can go live by CTA, by a provider that offers packages, be accompanied by a region or selected by an organization (Business France for us, poke Maxime, Thomas).

Everything is a matter of opportunity (participating in a competition and being selected, being in an accelerator) and means.
For us, the big advantage that we see going with Business France is the possibility of being present in a FrenchTech stamped space and enjoying a rather successful booth decoration.

Three people on site seem to be a minimum. If you are 2 in the company, find a buddy with a good level of English leaving for 1 week in Vegas (if you’re lucky, this person has the sale in the blood and it helps, (poke Adeline).

ESTA application to fill online: easy, fast and a few dollars

Of course you will do it as soon as possible and you will track the good deals on sites offering flight + hotel packages.
For flights it is better to choose a flight passing through the southern United States (Miami, Dallas …) which will prevent you from seeing your flight delayed or canceled by the snow storms on New York, frequent this season.

For hosting, the first important thing is to remember that CES is located on several sites within Las Vegas several miles away. Check the location of your accommodation in relation to the site where you will be exhibiting.
It’s important not to be too far from the show (you’ll save $ and time on trips) and ideally the Strip (that’s where it all goes). If you have to get away from it a bit (it can make the bill go lower) it is better to go east and not to cross the highway that crosses the city.

You will have to look your best and distinguish yourself among the 800 exhibitors at Eureka Park. So according to your means, be creative with the idea that the show is happening in the United States and Las Vegas, moreover. Do not hesitate to be a little « too much » and go free, of course, staying in something that matches your brand and product DNA.
If you have few means you can compensate by a good system D and a little homemade DIY.
If you need facilities on your booth (bench, shelf, green plant, sofa …) see if it is not possible to buy everything directly in Vegas rather than to appeal to the organization (it is out of price).
Anticipate also that during the days of the show you will have difficulty accessing the ultra-saturated GSM network. If you need the network for your demos, you will have to find a solution. We did not test the wired network on the spot (the price being prohibitive) and had opted for an « offline » demo.

In preparation for the show, skim your social networks to extract all the contacts who could also be on site and invite them to visit you. This is a unique opportunity to meet them IRL.

Before the show, sign up for all the events you can see (you’ll get lots of them). Festive evenings organized by big groups or networking evenings, fill in the agenda of the week as much as you can, you will sort on the spot. This is a moment so bubbling that we must also know how to let ourselves be carried by the wave.

Come on! Boy, a coffee and the bill, for 1 week and 3 people on site:

Participation in CES Unveiled (Paris and Vegas): 1500 €
Flights (by Finnair): 3000 €
Accommodation (at SilverSeven): 1350 €
Participation in the show (via Business France): 3000 €
Development and Goodies (Accessories on stand, flyers, USB keys for the press): 500 €
Transport of the prototype: 1500 €
Meals on site (excluding evening extras): 1200 €
Total: 13 850 €

To this you will add, if you want press coverage in the US, support by an agency PR that can provide you an on-site presence during the show. I let you find your partner, for our part we chose Oxygen (poke Eddy, Marine, Sam and Cecile).


Hoping that this little summary can be useful if you plan to participate in this great moment that is the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.
The next is announced from January 8 to 11, 2019.

And as you were nice to read until the end, as a gift some photos 😉