Inside CES – Part 2/4: Business Impact?

Inside CES – Part 2/4: Business Impact?

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This post is the second in a series of four, back on the Caveasy CES adventure. Find here the first episode, CES – To go or not to go that is the question

Now that the decision to participate in the CES was made and the goals were set, the right strategy to get there was still to be implemented.

CES – Business impact?

To achieve the goal of increasing our reputation, it seemed necessary to us to be accompanied in the press relations section. We have the services of a press agency that knows the CES: Oxygen. The first step was to exchange to identify the types of media that would interest us, establish a strategy of engagement and define the means.

With their help we have defined the actions needed to ensure a satisfactory visibility. The preparatory work upstream and their accompaniment on site by Samantha, who was with us about half the time, allowed us to reach a number of interesting journalists and, without being the stars of the show, to have significant benefits ( see the end of the post).
The participation in the CES Unveiled, an event dedicated exclusively to the press that takes place before the opening of the show, greatly contributed to these spin-offs. The idea of ​​encapsulating in a cork with the Caveasy logo, the USB key containing the press kit had its small effect. Like what all the details matter. Finally the communication made before the event allowed our community to bounce back on our news and our audience to expand.

Regarding the second major objective of our participation in CES and the discovery of the American public, we will return in a dedicated post (part 3/4).

It could have stopped there and made our participation in CES, a successful investment fulfilling the objectives set but the show brought us a lot of surprises as bonuses.

First unexpected, the distribution: we were able to meet and establish contacts with distributors from all continents, interested in Caveasy. The majority remaining (obviously) American, we were delighted by the diversity and the real interest that could have aroused our solution. We continue to interact with them to build distribution partnerships.

Second bonus: we met potential partners for the industrialization of our storage, for co-creation of new storage (refrigerated, non-refrigerated, …) and to help us develop our solution more simply.

Third bonus: a number of people seduced by Caveasy offered their help to see how to go further in the US market.

Fourth bonus: Contrary to what we had predicted on the difficulty of approaching the investors present (rather come for meetings One to One agreed in advance), we had the pleasant surprise to meet several people with whom we have some interesting leads for investment. Maybe we can tell you more soon …

Only regret: the fact of not being able to fully exploit the OFF of the show and the breakfasts, after show and other evenings more or less private. Perhaps this is the privilege reserved for those who already have more than one CES on the clock.

In conclusion, the CES, the second biggest event of the year in terms of attendance for Las Vegas, combined with the US mode of operation focused on contact and the desire to do business is an intense moment, charged with emotions, rich, tiring and unmistakable. Even for a small, quirky French startup like Caveasy.


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